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09 Jul



Blog writing has never been easy, do not let the Title of this post coy you. We however have been doing this for a while and we do not want you to experience the failures we did, we good people yeah? We want your writings on your log to be hassle free.

When it comes to public relations, many small businesses and entrepreneurs balk at the cost of sending out traditional press releases. Why spend hundreds of dollars trying to reach journalists, bloggers and influencers through a press-release service when it’s possible to create content on the company’s site and disseminate it through search engines and social-media channels?

Here are some ideas about how to keep the actual writing part short and sweet and make the whole process a good use of your time, whether you are in a growing startup or make up a one-man-band.

  1. You need to create a content calendar.

If you’re blogging once or twice a week, brainstorm and jot down some topics to write about and insert them into a calendar that extends into the next couple of months. Sound out trusted peers or customers about what they’d like to read about in your posts. The more choices you have in potential topics the better.

  1. State what your content contains.

Within your calendar, define what each piece of content will be. Is it an event announcement? or a new product release, will it be a ‘how-to piece or a customer interview’? Listing each blog post as a genre with a reason for posting it will help you vary the content you’re posting and help you craft posts with different calls to action.

  1. Sketch how your post will look like for a week

With seven days to go before the post is due to go live, start thinking about how it might start off and the way it might end.

You might want to sketch out some subheadings so your readers will have signposts as they work their way through the content. This will help you solidify the structure of what you’ll say.

  1. Get links that are relevant to your content

An important part of any blogging initiative is linking it to relevant content (both on the website and in outside sources) that readers will find helpful. This will aid with search engine optimization and your readers won’t reach the end of the post without a suggestion for further reading.

Don’t forget to mention relevant brands or individuals by name, too. If people have set up a Google or social-media alert to tracking their name, they will pick up that you’ve been writing about them and perhaps drop by your blog to see what you’ve been saying, good or bad.

  1. Create time for yourself to write.

A couple of days before your posts are due to go live, block off time when there will be no distractions and just start writing. Since you’ve already thought about your piece and how things will fit together, you’ll find it way easier to put down the words. If you’re aiming for 700 or so words, then 30 minutes should be enough time for you to whittle down your thoughts into a first draft, providing there are no interruptions.

Obviously, if the information you’re trying to express needs accompanying screen shots, quotes from others or some research, the process will become more involved. But if you use spare time in the day, during the commute, while waiting for your coffee to brew or before you drop off to sleep at night, the actual writing part need not seem as daunting as some fear.

For you to maintain your post and reader, you need to make use of the above step or ways of writing on blog for reader satisfaction and for your own convenience.

So, there you have it… Be sure to come back for me. It gets better.

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