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Types Of Videos You can Create For Your Business/Brand

16 Oct
types of videos

Here are the types of videos you can create for your marketing
1. Promotional Videos:
When you are having an event, launch, A video can be made to describe what your event is about. A promo video is a short video that advertises anything. We find plenty of these videos on Instagram most times. They are perfect for promoting your events, products, and brands.
Here is an example of a promo video

  1. Explainer Videos:
    An explainer video is a very short animated video, usually between 1 to 3 minutes, used to introduce a project, company, website or product. The explainer video is usually done in a cartoon style, and it may or may not have a narrator. – Wikipedia
    You can click here to watch an example of an explainer video
  2. How-To Video:
    How-To’s describe how to use a product or a service. Or even how to do some certain things.
    Here’s an example on How To Fold Pocket Squares
  3. Testimonial Video:
    These videos show verbal, written or live testimonials and reviews about a particular service, product or brand. It’s actually very easy to do a testimonial. all you need is just a recording or a statement of the satisfied customer. Testimonials are usually found on websites and landing pages.
    Here’s an example of a testimonial video

5. Product Demo Video
This kind of videos are like promos but they show a product being demonstrated to your potential customers. If you make or sell products, then you really should have Product Demo Videos.In Promo videos, your product stands a chance of convincing potential clients by offering them tangible evidence backed by benefits.
An Example of a promo video: Ice Cream Maker Product Demonstration

There is a great need for video in your content mix. Look at any of these and decide which one suits your business at the moment.

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