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Types of Blogs post you need to know

04 Oct


Here are the types of blogs you need to know about before venture into blogging. And also, this will help you to know more about your blog post.

  1. Personal blog:  politics, music, family, travel, health,
  2. Business blog: Professionals
  3. Schools blog:
  4. Non-profits blog: Foundations, charities, and human rights
  5. Politics blog : Members of parliament, political parties, government agencies, and activists using our blogs to connect with their constituencies.
  6. Military blog:
  7. Private blog :  families, companies, or schools.
  8. Sports blog:
  9. How-to, tips and reviews blog:
  10. SEO blogs:
  11. Affiliate marketing blogs:
  12. Warez blogs:
  13. Automated blogs:
  14. Book tour blogs:
  15. How-to/tutorial blogs
  16. News blog
  17. Definition blog
  18. Standard list blog
  19. Resource/link list blog
  20. Profile blog
  21. Case studies blog
  22. Problems-and-solutions posts
  23. Comparison posts
  24. Stories blog
  25. Controversial blog
  26. Inspiring blog
  27. Research blog
  28. “What others are saying” blog
  29. “What if” blog: Imagination
  30. Parody posts
  31. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) blog
  32. SAQ (Should Ask Questions) blog
  33. Reviews blog
  34. Interviews blog
  35. Ebooks blog
  36. Special reports blog
  37. Cheat sheets blog
  38. Checklists blog
  39. Info graphics blog
  40. Projects blog
  41. Open questions to your readers blog
  42. Starting a debate blog
  43. Presenting an existing debate blog
  44. Surveys and polls blog
  45. Crash courses/gathering blog
  46. Twitter blog
  47. Income/traffic/expense reports (monthly) blog
  48. Contests blog
  49. Draws blog
  50. Races blog
  51. Quizzes blog
  52. Software, tools, scripts, plugins, themes, services blog
  53. Comics blog
  54. Jokes blog
  55. Icons and other graphical freebies blog
  56. Presentations blog
  57. Mp3 files (as a podcast)
  58. Interviews blog
  59. Talks blog
  60. Teleseminars blog
  61. Talking head video blog
  62. Screencast blog
  63. Presentation video blog
  64. How-to video blog
  65. Webinars


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