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Welcome to Mayconcept Solutions!

Thank you for choosing Mayconcept Solutions. MayConceptWebstarter is a  Monthly website service platform (“Services”). Mayconcept Solutions is  an online marketing company providing specialized web promotion  services with strategies of meeting targeted audience. More on our  ABOUT US page
By using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read  them carefully.

Mayconcept Solutions reserves the right to modify portions of both the  Terms and Conditions of Use and the Terms and Conditions of Service at  any time. Changes will be effective when posted on the Site only.  Please check these Terms and Conditions regularly for updates. We  promise to be fair at all times.

Please review the Terms and Conditions below adroitly, prior to  signing up for the service as your use of the website. Do wel check  out our HOW IT WORKS PAGE as well.

You agree that if you are unsure of the meaning of any part of these  Terms and Conditions or have any questions regarding the Terms and  Conditions, you will contact us for clarification. These Terms and  Conditions exclusively govern the use of this website and services  provided by the website


1.1 One gender shall include all other genders unless the context  otherwise admits words, then with imported words, the singular shall  include the plural and vice versa.

1.2 Reference to any statutory arrangements in this Agreement might  incorporate any statutory arrangements, which revises or replaces it.


2.1 This Agreement details the terms and conditions of service agreed  between the Parties for the design, development, hosting, monthly  provision and maintenance of a Website, hereinafter known as the  “Project” for the Client such development to be undertaken by  Mayconcept Solutions.

2.2 As a major aspect of this Agreement Mayconcept Solutions shall  provide a consequent Website Project including web hosting to the  Client for a base introductory time of 3-months with regards to which  the Client will pay Mayconcept Solutions a month to month membership  expense as nitty gritty in condition 4.4 below.

2.3 On the off chance that Mayconcept Solutions does not get install  payments inside the concurred installment time of the date of any  receipt, it might end this Agreement as respects any Service asked for  by you without further commitments to you. Mayconcept Solutions claims  all authority to suspend the administration after one non-installment.  After two back to back non-installments Mayconcept Solutions maintains  all authority to expel all web content from the Internet. All  obligation acquired in this procedure will be passed onto the Client.  All Client records will be expelled from our server. On the off chance  that an installment deferral is foreseen, please contact  Mayconcept Solutions to examine potential issues ahead of time. On the  off chance that issues are expected we might have the capacity to set  an option game plan.

2.4 Mayconcept Solutions intellectual property cannot be utilized on  another machine or sold by the Client. This alludes to work documents,  visual outlines, programming and framework coding, including content  administration framework records and eCommerce framework records. The  Website or any item or part thereof, that constitute the Project is  authorized, not sold, to you, for utilize just under the terms of this  Agreement, unless a result of the Service is joined by a different  permit understanding, in which case the terms of that different permit  assignation will represent, subject to Clients’ earlier acknowledgment  of that different permit understanding.
The Service Provider saves all rights not explicitly conceded to you  as a feature of the its Terms and Conditions, this understanding is  liable to infrequent alteration, as per the changed terms of the Terms  and Conditions.

2.5 After the close of the underlying membership term (following  3-months), 10 days’ notice (through email:  support@Mayconcept is required before the lapse to  scratch off the administration and contract. On the off chance that  you wish to keep subscribing to the Service you should do nothing, we  will keep on invoicing you on a month-to-month premise. On the off  chance that you have to drop after that it’s only 5 days see (by means  of email: support@Mayconcept There are no cancelation  charges once outside the underlying 3-months contract. In the event  that you drop your website, you just have rights to areas which you  acquired outside this agreement, any pictures or content you supplied  us. The site (counting both the outline and basic code) and any  varieties thereof might remain the sole property of the Service  Provider. In the event that the Client does not wish to recharge,  Mayconcept Solutions have the rights to arrangement the site to another  Client. See likewise Section 8.

2.6 In Mayconcept Solutions, Client feedback is a tool we leverage on  in providing the best Client experience in which Mayconcept Solutions prides itself in.

2.7 Mayconcept Solutions sees, nonetheless, that Clients may ask for noteworthy plan changes to pages that have as of now been working with  the Client’s particular. Keeping that in mind, please take note of  that our ascension does exclude an arrangement for “noteworthy page  change” or making  extra pages and utilitarian redesign in abundance  of the concurred or depicted elements and detail incorporated into  your service plans. On the off chance that critical page adjustment  and/or utilitarian update are asked for after a page has been worked  for the Client’s particular, extra charge will apply.

2.8 The Service Provider, its representatives and subcontractors  concur that, aside from as coordinated by the Client, it won’t  whenever amid or after the term of this Agreement reveal any  Confidential Information to any individual at all. In like manner, the  Client concurs that it won’t pass on any classified data acquired  about Mayconcept Solutions to another gathering or go on any structures  including these to a third party.

2.9 Client likewise consents to protect, reimburse and hold safe  Mayconcept Solutions against Liabilities emerging out of any damage to  individual or property created by any items or administrations sold or  generally disseminated over the Client’s site. This incorporates  encroaching on the restrictive privileges of an outsider, copyright  encroachment, and conveying any flawed item or falsehood, which is  inconvenient to someone else, association, or business.
2.10 In person authorized representatives of the Client certifies that  he or she is at least 18 years of age and legally capable of entering  a contract in Nigeria on behalf of the Client.


3.1 Mayconcept Solutions and the Client have concurred a Project  determination and upkeep as characterized in the month to month bundle  you decide for this Agreement.

3.2 Any amendments proposed to this Project customization must be made  in writing and delivered to the other party. Wherein, either party is  entitled to request a telephone meeting to discuss such amendments.

3.3 If such proposed amendments incur additional expense as valued by  in contact with the client, Mayconcept Solutions is entitled to seek  further payment from the Client to cover such expense.

3.4 Mayconcept Solutions will provide the Client with an expected  project completion date (live on the internet) if requested. We shall  also endeavor to meet any given deadline, but we do not guarantee and  are not bound in any way to complete the project by this date. If by  the fault of MayConcept Solutions the site is not ready, the  commencement date of the monthly leasing fee shall not start until the  project is live on the Internet. However, if it is due to delay from  the Client the commencement date of the monthly leasing fee shall  start at the expiration of the timeline indicated on the selected  plan. – Sorry for being so mean.

3.5 It is the Client’s responsibility to check with  Mayconcept Solutions to make certain that open source software is being  used or not, if included in the monthly website package you choose.

3.6 We do not charge Clients for open source programming. You the  Client are paying for the installation time and setup. Open source  programming is not possessed by Mayconcept Solutions or our Client.


4.1 The Client will pay the concurred expenses to Mayconcept Solutions as and when asked for, as indicated by the Project determination  definite in the month to month site bundle you decide for this  Agreement. Mayconcept Solutions will receipt the Client and the Client  will pay the receipt on time, including Value Added Tax, (VAT) at the  overarching rate as indicated by the terms of installment point by  point on the receipt.

4.2 Mayconcept Solutions will require an installment as characterized  in the month to month site bundle you decide for this Agreement.  Mayconcept Solutions will only commence work on a project after receipt  of the set-up expense and three (3) month’s base membership charge  ahead of time from the Client for the underlying part.

4.3 The set-up expense covers take a shot at the project, which; is  the creation and control of your design theme, entry of points of  interest and set up of all capacities. The set-up charge is  non-refundable once the Client has concurred the “Design Theme”.

4.4 The Client will pay the agreed monthly subscription fees to  Mayconcept Solutions for the purpose of provisioning the Service as  specified in the monthly website package you choose for this  Agreement. Mayconcept Solutions will invoice the Client and the Client  will pay the invoice, including Value Added Tax, (VAT) at the  prevailing rate according to the terms of payment detailed on the  invoice. A monthly direct debit should be set up by the Client to pay  the subscription for the Service.

4.5 A monthly standing order/direct debit for the subscription fee  should be set up to commence on the day the website goes live to the  Internet. Your subscription fee includes the hosting. It is important  that these are kept up-to-date and paid on time as your website,  e-mails and domain names will be at risk in a case of a delayed  renewal and activation respectively. If this is not paid, the website  is will be suspended and/or removed until payment is received. If two  payments are missed, the service will be terminated.


5.1 The Client will pay the expenses incurred by Mayconcept Solutions  during the Project, including additional stock images, pages, emails  and any other extras outside the contract and your service plan and  such other reasonable expenses directly related to the Project.

5.2 Mayconcept Solutions will inform the Client in writing in advance  if significant expenses not covered by clause 5.1 have to be incurred  during the Project


6.1 The Website Project will be hosted by Mayconcept Solutions or by a  third party hosting company engaged by the Service Provider.

6.1.1 The amount of web space available varies with each monthly  website package; see the website packages for more details.

6.2 Where the Website is hosted by a third party hosting company all  terms and conditions for hosting, including any service level  agreement will mirror (but not exceed) those offered by the hosting  company. Mayconcept Solutions will communicate such terms to the Client  upon request.

6.3 Mayconcept Solutions will not be liable for hosting errors caused  by the hosting company or downtime experienced by the hosting company.  Classified as unforeseen.

6.4 Where a third party hosting company has used the company may  schedule regular maintenance of the server or servers and this may  affect the hosting and availability of the Website Project. Such  maintenance is necessary for the smooth running of the Website. Where  possible, such maintenance will be carried out when the Website is not  busy and the users would be an informed. Notwithstanding this, we will  endeavor to provide a reliable and professional service to the Client  at all times.

6.5 Mayconcept Solutions can’t be considered in charge of anything  unfavorably influencing the Client’s business operation, deals, or  benefit that they may claim is an aftereffect of an administration  offered by the Service Provider.

6.6 If the Client expects higher levels of traffic to their website,  then planning for server capacity may be required. Mayconcept Solutions  will require 15 business days written notice confirming the expected  number of users, hits and specific time frames for this expected  increased activity expected on the Client’s website. Higher levels of  traffic are normally generated from specific marketing directly linked  to the website.
On the off chance that the Client expects more elevated traffic to  their website, then making arrangements for server limit might be  required. Mayconcept Solutions will require 15 business days prior  notice affirming the expected number of clients, hits and specified  time periods of this increased activity, expected on the Clients  website. More elevated traffic activities are ordinarily created from  particular marketing directly connected to the website.

6.7 Mayconcept Solutions will do its up most to maintain the service  during periods of high traffic, although we cannot predict the  expected level of traffic for the Client. Mayconcept Solutions cannot  be held responsible for any loss or damage to the Client’s business  claimed as a result of server failure and / or downtime. The Clients  understand that any loss or damage to their business is specifically  not covered and excluded under the terms of this agreement.

6.8 This agreement contemplates the possibility of an e-commerce  enabled site. If the Client selects an e-commerce enabled monthly  website package, the Client is encouraged to buy a secure certificate  for online transactions from us. Mayconcept Solutions can obtain secure  certificates and dedicated IP for the Client upon request and these  will be charged for separately of course.

6.9 You will have access to the monthly website via email / CMS link  that we will provide for you where applicable to your selected  package. You will be given “Editor” access which; will allow you to  update the website, see website plans for full details. You will not  have access to add new  pages; you will need to contact us to do that  for you. Once we have added a page you can then add your images and .  Additional pages are charged on per page, per month basis. If you  require us to add any additional  and images to these additional  pages, this is charged at an hourly rate.

6.10 MayConcept Solutions will not be liable for loss, damage or  corruption to files or information stored on our servers or individual  PC’s relating to a Client’s website. Mayconcept Solutions is not  responsible for the setting up of a Client’s email or for loss, damage  or corruption to files or information stored on our servers or  individual PC’s relating to a Client’s website. The Client is  exclusively in charge of any data or records identifying with their  site and email thus responsible for every aftermath actions.

6.11 All website files are backed up on the last working day of the  month and kept for a period of 3 months. Mayconcept Solutions is not  held responsible for the loss, damage or corruption to files or  information saved and stored on our servers as stated.

6.12 Ad hock – We can update the website for you on an ad-hoc basis.  All ad-hoc updates will only be undertaken with the written agreement  of both Mayconcept Solutions and the Client, and will be treated as non  – maintenance work and will be charged at our standard hourly rate,  please do well to understand this.

(If you have purchased and already have domain name(s) see also 7.6)

7.1 MayConcept Solutions will register and maintain a suitable domain  name(s) and possible variations of the domain name for the Website  Project.

7.2 For any domain names that are part of your monthly website package  these will remain the sole property of Mayconcept Solutions both during  the term of this Agreement, upon termination of this Agreement and  thereafter. The Client will not obtain any rights to the domain name  or variations over time, nor upon the termination of this Agreement or  thereafter.

7.3 Mayconcept Solutions will retain full ownership of and all rights  to any free domain name registered, irrespective of whether the domain  name is the Client’s company name or variation thereof, the name of a  Client product, or any other name in which the Client holds prior  intellectual property rights.

7.4 Upon termination of this Agreement (or at any other time) and at  the sole discretion of the Service Provider, Mayconcept Solutions may  offer to sell the domain or any variations thereof to the Client.  Solely Mayconcept Solutions shall determine the sales price of any such  domain name.

7.5 Mayconcept Solutions undertakes to offer the domain names to the  Client based on a first right of refusal, before making them available  to any third party. However, Mayconcept Solutions reserves the right to  offer and sell the domain names to any third party should the Client  be unable or unwilling to purchase the domain name or names at the  price stated by Mayconcept Solutions.

7.6 For domain name(s) already purchased by the Client these will  remain the sole property of the Client and will be kept by the Client  where they purchased them. The Client will be responsible for the  renewal of the domain name(s) and email(s). If a domain name is  purchased by the Client through a company other than  Mayconcept Solutions, the Client has full responsibility in making sure  that the domain name is renewed when due. Mayconcept Solutions will not  renew the domain name. If you wish to use Mayconcept Solutions email  services the domain(s) will need to be transferred to  Mayconcept Solutions and Mayconcept Solutions will renew them on your  behalf and invoice you accordingly for any domain renewals. Any  transferred domains from the Client will remain the sole property of  the Client. At the termination of the service by the Client provided  all bills have been paid and you own the domains Mayconcept Solutions  will transfer the domains out if a Client wishes. If the Client has  any outstanding bill the domains will become the property of  Mayconcept Solutions until all bills have been paid in full.

7.7 We will provide the Client with the relevant number of email  addresses as per the monthly website package, with a set limit of  100mb space per account or as applicable.

7.8 It remains the Client’s responsibility for any mail lost,  irretrievable, or any damage directly or indirectly to any business as  a result of a full mailbox.

7.9 Clients may purchase additional email accounts, increased mailbox  space, or have mail forwarded to another email address from within  their account.

7.10 free domain name offers do not apply to premium domain names.


8.1 The Project (counting both the outline and fundamental code) and  any varieties thereof might remain the sole property of  Mayconcept Solutions both amid the term of this, endless supply of this  Agreement and from that point. The Client won’t acquire any rights to  the project after some time, nor upon the end of this Agreement or  from there on.
8.2 Ownership of the Website Project shall not include any logos,  designs or graphics provided by the Client directly to  Mayconcept Solutions for incorporation into the Website Project.

8.3 Upon termination of this Agreement (or at any other time) and at  the sole discretion of the Service Provider, Mayconcept Solutions may  offer to offer the  Project to the Client or may put the site up for  use by another Client. Mayconcept Solutions maintains the sole  authority to decide the dealer cost of the Project.


9.1. The client undertakes to deliver all the content and materials  required for the Website Project and in the formats requested to  Mayconcept Solutions before commencement of the Project.

9.2 Where this is not possible the client will deliver such  outstanding content and materials to Mayconcept Solutions within 7 days  of the start of the Project as detailed in the delivery timeline of  the selected monthly website package. This is at Mayconcept Solutions’s  discretion depending on what is outstanding from the Client.

9.3 Mayconcept Solutions shall expect the Client to carry out  sufficient research before proceeding with a monthly website plan.  This will include checking that the website / idea / business will  operate legally within the Nigeria law. It is important that the  website is not in any way illegal.

9.4 Where images used on the website have been purchased by  Mayconcept Solutions on behalf of the Client, these images are strictly  for use on the website only. Mayconcept Solutions is not liable for  misuse of these images by the Client or any other person(s) copying,  altering or distributing the images to individuals or other  organizations.

9.5 All images displayed on the client’s website will only be used  after authorization by the client and are the sole responsibility of  the client regarding usage and copyright. Should any legal issues or  claims arise from the content or copyright of any images supplied by  the client or the Service Provider, they will be the sole  responsibility of the client.

9.6 Mayconcept Solutions has no control of, or responsibility for, the  content of our Client’s websites. In no way does the textual or image  based content of our Client’s websites constitute Mayconcept Solutions  endorsement, or approval of the website or the material contained  within the website. Mayconcept Solutions has not verified any of the  materials, images or information contained within our Client’s  websites and is not responsible for the content or performance of  these sites or for the Client’s transactions with them.

9.7 Limited Liability – Client agrees that any material submitted for  publication will not contain anything leading to an abusive or  unethical use of the Web Hosting Service, the Host Server or the  Service Provider. Abusive and unethical materials and uses include,  but are not limited to, pornography, obscenity, nudity, violations of  privacy, computer viruses, harassment, any illegal activity, spamming,  advocacy of an illegal activity, and any infringement of privacy. If  this is found to be the case, then Mayconcept Solutions reserves the  right to switch off the Client’s website without notice.

9.8 Client hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless  Mayconcept Solutions from any claim resulting from the Client’s  publication of material or use of those materials. It is also  understood that Mayconcept Solutions will not publish information over  the Internet, which may be used by another party to harm another.  Mayconcept Solutions will also not develop a pornography website for  the Client. Mayconcept Solutions reserves the right to determine what  is and is not classed as pornography.

9.9 Laws Affecting eCommerce. The Client agrees that it is responsible  for complying with the laws, taxes, and tariffs related to e-commerce,  and will hold harmless, protect, and defend Mayconcept Solutions and  its subcontractors from any claim, suit, penalty, tax, or tariff  arising from the Client’s use of Internet electronic commerce. Client  also understands that Mayconcept Solutions cannot provide legal advice.

9.11 Mayconcept Solutions and its subcontractors retain the right to  display graphics and other website design elements as examples of  their work in their respective portfolios.

9.12 Mayconcept Solutions will provide training on a one to one basis  at the Client’s premises, our office or remotely online to the Client  regards management of the Client’s website for an additional charge  upon request (min of 2 hours). This is applicable to website built on  a CMS or eCommerce framework only.


10.1 Any notice given by either of the parties under this Agreement  shall be served on the other party and addressed to that party’s  signatory by email, personal delivery, pre-paid recorded delivery or  first-class post to the receiving party as set out in this clause 10:
The Service Provider: Mayconcept Solutions Monthly Website
Name: Mayconcept Solutions | Email: info@Mayconcept | Tel:  +2348096663599 The Client: Your Name | registered email provided at  sign-up | Tel: as provided at sign-up | Address: Client billing  address Or such subsequent addresses as may be notified by the parties  to each other.

10.2 Any such notice shall be deemed to be effectively served as follows:

10.2.1 In the case of service by pre-paid recorded delivery or  first-class post 48 hours after posting.

10.2.2 In the case of service by email, on the next working day.


11.1 Both parties shall keep confidential the specific terms of this  Agreement and Project and not disclose them save to such employees or  contractors as need to know the relevant information for the purposes  of performing the Project detailed in this Agreement. The parties  agree that all information marked “Confidential”, or were not marked  it is reasonable to judge such information as confidential, shall not  be disclosed at any time during the Project or for a minimum period of  36 months after the completion of the Project, except where such  disclosure is required by law or by order of a court in the  jurisdiction of Nigeria. The parties further agree that all  information marked as a “Trade Secret” and reasonably judged to  constitute a trade secret shall not be disclosed at any time during or  after the expiry of this Agreement, except where such disclosure is  required by law or by order of a court in the jurisdiction of Nigeria.  Confidential information and Trade Secrets shall consist of, but not  necessarily be limited to: technical, commercial, financial,  operational, marketing or promotional information or data.


12.1 The Website Project pages will include a link to the Service  Provider’s homepage by way of a text hyperlink in the form,  “www.Mayconcept” Monthly Website by Mayconcept Solutions.  Such links will appear at the foot of the Website Project pages.

12.2 Subject to clause 11 above the Client shall be able to refer to  their working relationship with Mayconcept Solutions for press and  publicity purposes after receiving the written approval of  Mayconcept Solutions regarding the content of any such material.

12.3 Subject to condition 11 above Mayconcept Solutions should have the  capacity to allude to their working association with the Client for  press and attention purposes subsequent to accepting the composed  endorsement of the Client in regards to the substance of any such  material.


13.1 The client undertakes to secure all copyrights and whatever other  suitable licenses, leeway or assents where required for the substance  and materials to be joined into the Website Project by  Mayconcept Solutions.

13.2 The client grants to Mayconcept Solutions for the term of this  Agreement and Project, a non-exclusive, revocable, royalty-free  license to use its name, logos, trademarks or devices (“Intellectual  Property”) for the purposes of creating the Website Project.

13.3 Mayconcept Solutions retains all rights to the design and  underlying code used to create the Website Project. Such rights will  be retained after the termination of this Agreement, subject to any  sale as detailed in clause 8 of this Agreement.

13.4 The Client shall not copy or copy and subsequently alter the  coding of the Website Project or any other coding carried out as part  of the Project with a view to creating a separate Website without the  prior written consent of Mayconcept Solutions or subject to any sale as  detailed in clause 8 of this Agreement.

13.5 Neither one of the parties might make any claim to the next  gathering’s substance, materials or administrations amid or after the  expiry of this Agreement.

13.6 Neither one of the parties should make any claim to the next  gathering’s trademarks or enroll or cause to be enlisted or apply for  a really comparable trademark or impersonation of a trademark amid or  after the expiry of this Agreement.
13.7 Neither party shall register nor cause to be registered, any  company name materially similar to that of the other party.


14.1 The Client affirms that to the best of their insight and  conviction that the and materials supplied by the Client for the  motivations behind the Project are not profane, defamatory or  disgusting and don’t rupture any pertinent law or control.


15.1 Neither party shall be liable to the other under this Agreement  in contract, tort, or otherwise (including negligence), pre-contract  or other representations (other than fraudulent or negligent  misrepresentations) or otherwise, for any loss of business, contracts,  profits or anticipated savings or for any indirect or consequential or  loss whatsoever.

15.2 The Client consents to cover Mayconcept Solutions against any  cases, harms, misfortunes, expenses and costs which  Mayconcept Solutions may manage or bring about in connection to any  substance and materials which the Client gives, such reimbursement  applying in regard of any cases for any break of relevant laws or  direction or any encroachment of any licensed innovation rights.

15.4 Mayconcept Solutions agrees to cover the Client against any  claims, damages, losses, costs and expenses which the Client may  sustain or incur in relation to breaches of clauses 11 and 13 of this  Agreement committed by the Service Provider.

15.5 Nothing in this Agreement should avoid or constrain risk for  death or individual harm coming about because of the carelessness of  the gatherings or their workers, operators or representatives.

15.6 Mayconcept Solutions does not provide Flash as a feature on its  monthly website plans and does not recommend you add it yourself. We  are not responsible for any Flash elements you add to the website.  Flash can impact your search engine optimization negatively and does  not work on all browsers or mobile devices.

15.7 If the Client or an agent of the Client other than  Mayconcept Solutions attempts to update the website and damages the  design or impairs the ability for the web pages to display or function  properly, time to repair the web pages will be assessed at our  standard maintenance rate. A N 5, 000 minimum charge applies.

15.8 Where we have been asked to provide search engine optimization  for a Client, we do not guarantee any specific placement or high  ranking on search engines or for the guarantees of any third party  companies whom we recommend.

15.9 We use open source software. Open source software is not owned by  the Client or us. However, many adaptations may remain the property of  Mayconcept Solutions. It is the Client’s responsibility to check with  us prior to commencement of work concerning open source software.

15.10 Clients are prohibited from using external “buy links” on the  monthly website plan. This is against most search engines terms and  conditions, and will result in the immediate termination of the  monthly website subscription without notice to avert negative  implications and risk to the other Client’s website on our servers.


16.1 Either party may terminate this Agreement immediately in the event that:

16.1.1 Either party commits a serious, grave or material breach or  persistent breaches of this Agreement, including non-performance,  default or neglect of its duties, responsibilities and obligations  under this Agreement, and

16.1.2 Such breach remains un-remedied for a period of 30 days from  written notice given by the other party specifying the breach and  requiring its remedy.

16.2 Furthermore this Agreement may be terminated in the event that:

(a) Either party is unable to pay or has no reasonable prospects of  paying for the service, their debts, the amount or aggregate amount of  which equals or exceeds the bankruptcy level within the meaning of the  Insolvency Law in Nigeria, or

(b) Being a company becomes subject to an administration order or goes  into liquidation, (other than for the purpose of amalgamation or  reconstruction), or

(c) Has a receiver appointed to administer any of its property or assets, or

(d) Ceases or threatens to cease to carry on business, or<

(e) Makes any voluntary agreement or enters into a compromise for the  benefit of its creditors, or

(f) Fails to make any payment in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

16.3 Subject to any sale as detailed in clause 8 of this Agreement, on  the termination of this Agreement, Mayconcept Solutions will retain all  intellectual property rights to the Website Project, including (but  not limited to) the website design, underlying code and any domain  names.

16.4 Any termination of this Agreement shall be without prejudice to  any rights accrued in favour of either party in respect of any breach  committed prior to the date of (or giving rise to) such termination  and to those provisions of this Agreement which are by their  construction intended to survive such termination (including, without  limitation, clauses 11, 13 and this clause 16).


17.1 Refunds are not available on any of the Monthly Website Package  or any other Services provided by Mayconcept Solutions once you have  approved your design composition and/or selected your design template.  In any event, after one (1) month from the initial date of purchase  and/or payment, no refunds will be provided.


18.1 Neither party may assign or otherwise transfer this Agreement or  any rights, duties and obligations hereunder without the prior consent  in writing of the other party.


19.1 Neither party shall be liable for delay or failure to perform any  obligation under this Agreement if the delay or failure is caused by  any circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not  limited to acts of god, war, civil disorder or industrial dispute. If  such delay or failure continues for a period of at least 30 days, the  party not subject to the force majeure shall be entitled to terminate  this Agreement by notice in writing to the other.


20.1 Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as creating a  partnership, joint venture or an agency relationship between the  parties and neither party shall have the authority or power to bind  the other party or to contract in the name of or create a liability  against the other party.


21.1 The Client undertakes during the period of this Agreement (and  subsequent renewals of this Agreement) and for a period of six months  after its termination not to directly or indirectly solicit or induce  any of the Service Provider’s employees to leave the employment of  Mayconcept Solutions whether to work on a freelance or consultancy  basis or to be directly employed by the Client.


21.1 Failure by either party to enforce any accrued rights under this  Agreement is not to be taken as or deemed to be a waiver of those  rights unless the waiving party acknowledges the waiver in writing.

22.2 It is hereby declared that the foregoing paragraphs,  sub-paragraphs and clauses of this Agreement shall be read and  construed independently of each other. Should any part of this  Agreement or its paragraphs, sub-paragraphs or clauses be found  invalid, it shall not affect the remaining paragraphs, sub-paragraphs  and clauses.

22.3 No addition to or modification of any clause in this Agreement  shall be binding on the parties unless made by a written instrument  and sent by emails by the signatories to this Agreement or their duly  authorized representatives.

22.4 This Agreement sets out the entire agreement and understanding of  the parties and is in substitution of any previous written or oral  agreements between the parties.


23.1 This Agreement shall be interpreted construed and enforced in  accordance with Nigerian law and shall be subject to the exclusive  jurisdiction of the Nigerian Courts.

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