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Online Business Reviews For 2018

23 Feb
Online Business reviews

Your company provides a service to your customers, and those customers communicate their experience to the world through an online medium, often online reviews.

” I want to say that product XYZ is the best skincare product out there in the market. I’ve been having pimples which were bad for my modeling career and have tried so many products none of which seemed to work. A friend introduced me to XYZ cream and within a week, I was able to achieve a smooth face. XYZ saved my career” – Ms. Jeniffer

This is an example of a positive review found on XYZ Facebook Page.
Reviews play an important role in the customer decision process. You must be aware that the customer has so many options and would need to be convinced. Your online review help push the customer down the sales funnel to make that buying decision.
Over the past two years, Google searches have refined to something like these:
Where can I buy the best phones?
Best cleaning service in Lagos
Best digital marketing agency in Lagos
Where can I buy the best turkey?
Online reviews can help you take advantages of these searches.
45% of people who buy online admit that reviews influence their purchasing decisions.
This is a very practical step to growing your business and brand online in 2018.
Simply ask your customers and serviced clients to post their positive reviews about your products and services online.
This will provide credibility and reassurance to prospective clients and customers who come across your business/brand online.



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