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MayText Bulk SMS Is At Your Disposal


SMS Marketing

Sending SMS messages to your customers is the perfect way to maintain connection with them, as well as find new ones. This kind of communication combines cost-effectiveness, small investments, and a high ROI. Save your time and money! MayText Bulk SMS is a leader among SMS sending service providers—it covers all networks in more than 200 countries all over the world.

Our SMS service provides an opportunity to communicate quickly and securely with your potential and existing customers by sending mass SMS advertising, notifications, and other text messages.Visit our SMS site: MAYTEXT.COM

SMS sending through the Internet is one of the most effective ways to deliver information to your target audience. It does not matter if wish you to inform one or thousands of people; MayText Bulk SMS is at your disposal. SMS text messages will be sent out immediately and delivered within a few seconds.

Get our GSM DATABASE of over 21 Million emails classified by State and Local Government Areas


  • Category A

  • Business Directory: 10,000
  • Senior & Cooperate Executives : 50,000
  • Working Class: 880,000
  • High Net-Worth Individuals: 70,000
  • Civil Servants and Politicians: 110
  • Senior Staff: 17,000
  • Jamb Writers Database
  • Category B

  • Numbers Classified by Name
  • Numbers Classified by Sex
  • Numbers Classified by LGAs
  • Numbers classified by State

  • Category C

  • Registered Business in Nigeria: 750,783
  • Lagos Island Residence: 79,784
  • Car Owners: 1290,743
  • Politicians: 87,675
  • Real Estate Agents: 65,807
  • Telecoms Staffs: 18,983
  • Satellite Subscribers: 432,360
  • Civil Servants: 26,780


A robocall network allows for phone communication of your Business advertising message on an automated basis. This service frees time for your campaign staff and volunteers for other important tasks that need to be accomplished.

Not only can robo-dialing software market your Business outreach, but it can also be set-up to receive potential voter responses via automated surveys, fundraising attendance confirmation, and polling reminder, etc.

  • Benefits of Robo-Dialling

Robo-dialing, also referred to as an autodialer, can help spread the word about your Business campaign and mobilize voters. Poll Tell’s autodialing system can save you a precious amount of time, energy, and money in your effort. It eliminates the need for countless volunteers manning the phones at all hours of the day in order to get the word out about your cause. Not only that, but robo-dialing can be created to reach out to mobile phones therefore, increasing the media platforms in which you can reach potential voters.

PollTell’s autodialers can also be customized so that when a potential voter does answer, they are transferred to a live representative who can deliver your message in person. Or, if a call reaches an answering machine, your unique message can be used. The message will sound like a “live” agent on the recording left for the constituent, sounding just as if a personal phone call was being made to them. The more original, personalized the recording sounds, the better response and call back rate you will receive.

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