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Mobile marketing the best marketing tools

04 Oct


Mobile marketing is a unique marketing tool that reaches your consumer in a way that no other medium can. Let’s face it, most of us don’t go anywhere without our mobile phones! Our mobiles are with us 24 hours a day, even when we sleep! Mobile marketing makes every advertisement interactive. So rather than emailing or using direct mail, why not reach your consumers right now and right in their pockets? It’s a marketing tool any company anywhere can use!

Mayconcept Solutions provides a variety of services that can add to your marketing and advertising strategies.

Text (SMS & MMS) Message Marketing:

SMS marketing is an effective mass marketing medium. It’s cheap compared to direct mail and traditional advertising. Most importantly, it’s a way to reach your customers anywhere they go and is easy to produce when compared with traditional marketing material.

We at  mayconcept Solutions  ensure that all regulations are met when it comes to text message marketing. We want to ensure that we’re fair to your customers and by doing so we protect your brand too! You must have permission or an existing relationship with a consumer to send mobile marketing messages to his or her mobile phone. And, that’s precisely why mobile marketing works so well! Consumers have actually requested to receive your marketing messages. Our clients create a database of customers by giving the option to opt in for receiving their marketing messages.

Mayconcept solutions  can advise on the best possible approach to securing a large and highly targeted database. Once it’s created, you can broadcast your text message! Whether to notify your customers about upcoming events, new products/services, appointment reminders, special offers or simply to remind them of your brand,

it’s simple! Don’t forget, mobile marketing is inexpensive too. Mayconcept Solutions  offer extremely low rates on a monthly basis and give you access to your own account. Our easy to use SMS system and excellent account management team, not to mention unbeatable rates, combine to give you a successful marketing campaign.

MMS marketing is a different and effective type of marketing. Brands are able to send rich content to their customer base. MMS videos increase user interest and boast direct response rates offering marketers and advertisers a viable mobile channel to deliver richer media content.

With Mayconcept solutions  you get an exciting mobile marketing campaign. By using SMS marketing, MMS and various interactive mobile applications you can create mobile advertising, competitions, and exciting promotional campaigns such as mobile coupons while increasing advertising response rates, brand loyalty and importantly receiving an excellent return on investment.


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