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Mobile Apps For Visual Content Creation

09 Jan
mobile apps for visual content creation

With a smartphone in your pocket, you can start creating visual content for your blog, business, website and others.

These Mobile Apps give you the ability to create killer visual content – by producing awesome images, in real-time, on-the-go.

Before, we were reliant on high-end programs like Photoshop or paying a designer to create beautiful visual content to post across social media channels.

But Times have changed.

Now you, your team (and your clients!) can create content using intuitive apps, with amazing typography and image creation tools…all on your mobile phone.

Here are some of the apps in use right now to easily create content using image & text combinations.

1.  WordSwag App

This app is versatile and intuitive. It literally lets you take any tip, text or quote and add a source.

WordSwag is pre-populated with awesome templates that literally let you create image + text images.

Here is WordSwag on Instagram:


.Wordswag App

Download WordSwag and start playing with it and in no time, you’ll be making images like this:

Wordswag app

Ideal for:  Instagram or Facebook. This App makes images in square shape – but the images will also post well to other platforms.



  • User friendly
  • Awesome typography templates. you can buy extras if you wish, for a minimal outlay.
  • Option to upload images from your camera roll or take photos from within WordSwag.
  • The app comes with some cool starter images/background, and allows you to easily choose font colors.

ANDROID USERS:   It’s available on Android too.  Happy dance :o)



2.       InstaQuote


InstaQuote is great for creating Instagram-ready images.   In InstaQuote’s own words:  “make your words beautiful and then share them on Instagram”. This App is Ideal for Instagram and sharing to Facebook as well.

InstaQuote doesn’t have the range of typography and templates that WordSwag has, but it is known for its simplicity. You can type and create a post easily – and it has some pretty cool font types and backgrounds.  You Can also Upload your own Images.

3.       A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess


This app includes a lot of hand-drawn doodles from the creators, so it can add a casual style to your images. Again, you can upload your own backgrounds and you can also purchase further design packs from the app store.  It’s available for both iPhone and Android.

Here are some example designs from the “A Beautiful Mess” website:

A beautiful Mess


4.     Brandr (iOS and Android)

Brandr app

This app is designed specifically with small business owners who need to create content “on the fly”.

You can get started for free or upgrade for more features!

Brandr comes with 1000s of ready to post images and the ability to upload your logo.

It also includes insights for your whole team and the app will recommend hashtags for your industry to help your content stand out.


5.     Studio (iOS and Android)

Studio Visual Content

The tool is an image creation app that lets you share designs with others with “remixing”.  It’s quite social – with its own social sharing community within the app or you can share to any of your social platforms or your camera roll.


With Studio, you can add beautiful layers to your photos and share your creativity with friends and family. But it’s the remixing that allows you to create some very cool designs and layouts – by tapping into the Studio community, which is brimming with designers.

They share their designs and you can remix them!  Now THAT is a time saver!

And they are all free – just find a great overlay via search in categories, designers to follow, other users in the newsfeed, hit “remix” and add your own background image and you are DONE!

Perfect for those team events or sharing behind the scenes activities.

Or just dive into the dozens of overlay category packs where you can choose designs for topics like Sport, Road Trips, Summer, Fashion, Beach, Food, you name it!

Studio Visual Content

You can also search by hashtags.  Sweet!

6.      Desygner

Desygner Visual content Creator

Desygner is one of those apps with a lot of smart details that help it rise above the competition. Let’s start with the interface. If you’ve used Canva before, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises: you pick the elements in the sidebar on the left, and edit the photo in the main area on the right. That’s where you’ll notice the ruler – a helpful little addition that makes it easier to compose your image.

Desygner Visual content Creator

Another area where Desygner stands out is file format support. It can work with PSD, PDF, and PPT files, and import images directly from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Once your image is done, you can download it as a JPG, PNG, or PDF file, share it on social media or via email, and even get an embed code for your website. Apart from templates for social media headers and posts, Desygner also offers templates for Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. You can use it in the browser, or download the mobile apps (for iOS and Android).

Supported Social Media Networks:

  • Header image templates: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Etsy, LinkedIn
  • Post templates: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr
  • Share to: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn

Plans: Free; Paid ($2.99/month)

Think you don’t have the time or creativity for visual content creation? Think again!



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