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Like all life forms on earth, customer’s too live in a life cycle.

14 Oct

Like all life forms on earth, customer’s too live in a life cycle.

According to scholars, customer life cycle can be said to be a length of the relationship between the customers and the brand or company.

There are some needs your customer needs as a digital marketer in order to maintain or sustain a mutual understanding or relationship between your company and your customers.

Here are the basic things you need to know about your customer life cycle’s journey.

  1. Need: the basic thing about you is to know the needs of your customer. Understand what they want and what they want you to know about. Therefore, you can now proceed to the other stage If not the total stake will be confusing.
  2. Research: After you know and understand your customers need, then you do research. This is the stage that you need to find the cause of the problem and get the solution to the 5Ws and H (what is the cause? When did it start or happen? Who is the cause? Where is the main location? What really happen? And How did it happen?.
  3. Select: This is when you will select the basic and the best solution to your customer problem.whereas, you still need to have an alternative solution apart from the original solutions.
  4. Purchase and use: you will need to get the good or services you want to render to your customer and use it. If it works this is when you will now recommend it to your customer.
  5. Recommend: After the use of the goods and services, this is now the right time to recommend it to the right customer, at the time in the right places and at the right amount.

This is the right customer life cycle every digital marketer must use in order to maintain or sustain mutual understanding between the organisation and its customer.


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