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01 Jan


For you to stay organized on your social media, there are steps and tips to consider, because managing social media accounts for a brand, no matter how big or small, requires a lot— and one of the biggest and most consistent challenges is staying organized.

Between managing social promotion goals from different departments, staying up-to-date on social mentions, trends, posting relevant updates and engaging content on a regular basis, are tasking, and being a social media manager can sometimes feel like herding cats. – Whatever that is like.

  Have a content schedule

Planning out social media posts is time-consuming, so keeping track of it all with a content calendar can help cut down on time.  Keep an updated content calendar that includes all your social networks and the types of content we’ll be posting on each one. And make sure there’s some level of flexibility because something always comes up.

Schedule social posts ahead of time.

Scheduling posts save a lot of time, and it allows you to focus on other parts of your job instead of being constantly distracted by the need to publish at certain times of day.

Get timely and relevant content.

What’s trending right now? What content are people posting on each other’s Facebook walls? Which news stories are people talking about? These are all questions social media managers need to be thinking about — not just when they arrive at work in the morning, but all day long.  Which can spring terrific spikes in traffic to your website.

Maintain an “Inbox Zero” mentality.

For most people, high productivity comes from closing out of email for several hours at a time. This couldn’t be less true for social media managers who need to stay alert to incoming requests. Maintain the ‘Inbox Zero’ mentality so I know what is new and what needs my action  “That way it doesn’t get lost in the mountains of unimportant emails or assignments.” It can be easy to lose important emails below the fold, so it’s important to read emails as they come in, and then sort and label them appropriately.

Have a dedicated “Social Content” folder in your email.

As a social media manager, one of your many jobs is to collect all of the content your company creates, sift through it, and create bite-sized social posts your audience can digest quickly. But with so much incoming content and promotion requests, how do you make sure you don’t overlook or forget about the important stuff?


 Create a daily, monthly or yearly spreadsheet for social promotion requests from your team.

To minimize the number of social media promotion requests you get via email and instant messaging, Showers suggests creating a shared Google spreadsheet so members of any department can request a promotion without having to search you out (unless it’s time-sensitive, of course  social promotion request spreadsheet, requesters can enter a suggested send dates, recommended message, link, their name, and the associated campaign name if applicable).

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