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Here Are The 4 Unbeatable Ideas To Shake Up Your Digital Marketing

01 Apr
Digital Marketing

Here are the 4 unbeatable Ideas To Shake Up Your Digital Marketing

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Between promising yourself you’ll consume less carbs, exercise more, and spend more time with family, implementing change in your business on top of it all can sound like a headache. But resolving to fix your marketing operation is one resolution you can’t afford to miss. Marketing your business is a never-ending process and it’s constantly evolving .Here are the 4 ways to shake up your marketing operations this year 

  1. Consider starting a Podcast. Don’t start a Podcast about your product or service but around an interest your type of customer has that uses your product or service. Podcasts rank very well in Google and it also gives you a chance as the business owner to build a solid virtual relationship with your listeners. People do business with people they recognize, like and trust.
  2. Consider publishing a book. Business flows offline and online to the authority leaders in the industry. Publishing a book can make you an authority and with using Amazon Publishing it’s extremely easy to do. It can get you press attention and can help you build amazing relationships with your readers that your competitors aren’t doing. Even easy, and more accessible to millennials, is offering a free ebook online.
  3. Single does not always mean mingle. Remember that viewers of single product pages on your site will not click the buy now button immediately, and offer them other options such as email alerts if you drop the price or add new styles or other similar products to your site. Also, with the popularity of sharing products via Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, add a pop-up thank you message to shoppers who share and ask if they’d like to leave their email for similar price and option alerts.
  4. Don’t be afraid to show off your philanthropic side. A brand’s main focus has almost always been revenue, marketing to consumers to get them to buy more. As consumers become increasingly aware of the world around them, they start noticing a desire to help in some way. In 2015, e-commerce marketers who show their clients what they are doing to make the world a better place while improving the bottom line will be rewarded with loyalty. E-commerce really lends itself to campaigns on web and mobile that highlight corporate social responsibility as well as ways to help the consumer through the products that are sold. E-Newsletters can be used to build momentum toward a brand’s cause, as well as traditional in-site displays.

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