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Do I need a website or mobile app for my business? Experts views

17 Aug
Website or Mobile app

During this era and internet user dispensation we cannot negate the fact that you need to have an online presence for your business but the business of today is to discuss, argue and review what experts have to say about do you need a mobile app first for your business or a website, this is not to see which is better rather which one is most important to have first for your business

The allure of having a mobile application for your business can be desirable, with the availability of millions of app out there might make you feel like the first thing you need for your business is a mobile application. However building one can require time and huge investment which need to be properly planned. In as much as this is a very strong debate because there is no clear cut on when or what business requires a mobile application or website first but after reading this you should have an insight of your business needs first.

Today a responsive and mobile friendly website can be built to serve the mobile users which make the need for a mobile application to be unnecessary but what about ideas that involve the users relating with their mobile hardware functionalities like taking pictures with their camera or you want to send a real time push notification to your customers about new arrival for your business. Some people believe that mobile users are on the increase and therefore your business should have a mobile app while some argue that you just need your website to look good on mobile devices and contain all necessary features available on the desktop version, before we get more confused let see what other expect has to say;

Scott Bolinger of AppPresser tries to explain which is preferably for your business by highlighting the pros and cons of mobile website and the mobile app then you will see which is key to your business. According to him, the pros and cons include the cost of building a mobile app is more than a website and push notification and offline access is possible on mobile. All these are factors to be considered when choosing can you afford the cost or does your business require a push notification.

A guest writer on Rahul Varshneya said your audience is a strong determinant of what you need first, the targeted audience, what task is to be performed by the user, are you building a utility app that does not necessary require internet connectivity all these are factors that influence your choice of either mobile app or website.

Megan Sullivan of quickbooks comes with a wide perspective of how organized your data is; apart from building a game, mobile applications might have a better way of organizing data and another key factor is the structure of data, Are your mobile and website going to perform the same functionality? Putting this into consideration also might influence your choice.


My take on this that a responsive mobile friendly is good and a mobile application is equally good but what determine which you should build first rest majorly on what type of business you do, who are your audiences, what task will your audience perform and if your business is buoyant enough then you should consider building both website and mobile application.



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