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5 Tips To Make A Great Business Video

20 Oct

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, Video is one of the best ways to build trust for your brand. Your prospective clients or audience will feel relieved seeing a demonstration about your product, employees in action, technologies being deployed etc.

But you have to make sure you come up with a great plan for your Business video to keep your audience glued to the end and take the required action you want them to take.

Before embarking on any video, You must specify the following:

i. Your Audience

ii. Your Brand Message

iii. Your Call-To-Action

Here are great tips to help you create a short video for your business needs.

1. Prepare a short script.

Your video must be short and concise. You need to get your main point and leave out all irrelevant messages. The first 10 seconds are critical. you have to come up with a great copy that makes your viewers keep watching till the end and take action.

2. The Perfect Story

Your video should present a solution to a problem or need. After that, there should be a call to action. You’ll need to explain the benefits and features of your product or service as briefly as possible.

3. Address your viewers directly

Use personal pronouns such as “you” and “your.” Focus on them and their concerns and provide solutions.

4. The right Emotion.

Don’t be so uptight. Smile, apply a little humor where necessary (You mustn’t overdo it). Let the audience be able to see your emotions.

5. Speed

Speed is a very important factor. Your speech must be audible and coherent. Moving at a regular pace. tone also matters. keep your tone light and friendly. Its advisable to speak carefully between 125-150 words per minute.

Example: See This Video


These tips will help you create a great video for your business and if you need help in writing a great script for your video or shooting and editing a video for your business, you can contact us immediately and we’ll come up with a perfect solution for your video project.


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