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5 POINTERS on blogging keywords to increase your productivity.

14 Apr

 5 POINTERS on blogging keywords to increase your productivity.

As you know that blogging  is one of the best ways of driving   traffic to your website. In order to be an effective and successful blogger, you need a good persuasive  strategy and  an effective blogging tools.

In this write-up, we will be discussing about 5 major ways blogging keywords can increase your productivity.

  • Get traffic  Keywords  

In order to get traffic keywords, you must  analyze your active  competitor’s traffic  in order to show you traffic word.

Using will give you active keyword to drive traffic to your websites Knowing the keywords that are already driving traffic to a competitors website is very useful as you can then write better content focused on these keywords   to drive more traffic to your site.

  • Create an Editorial Calendar

In order to be an organized blogger you need to have a schedule editorial write up otherwise you waste a lot of time.

You must also create  plans for your  content and write content well in advance of when you want to publish it. One of the best ways of getting organized and delivering content on a consistent basis is using an editorial calendar, task management, content distribution on social media e.t.c.

  • Optimize Existing Content using Google Webmaster Tools

Google provides a free tool called Google Webmaster Tools which every blogger should have set up!

As Google crawls through your site, it will report on any issues it finds.  These are issues you need to correct!

It will also show you search phrases that people are using to find your content.  It will show you the search phrase, the number of times your content appeared for this search phrase (impressions), how often this content is clicked and the average position in search results.

This is really useful because you can find content that may be appearing a lot in search results but is not getting enough clicks.

  • Advance your Email Marketing   

Building email subscribers is so important.  When people read your great content give them an option to subscribe via email to receive your latest posts.

This will be a continuous driver of traffic to your new posts to an audience that has expressed an interest in your content.

There are a lot of great email marketing tools, but typically they do not provide advanced automation.

  • Find Related Terms using

The days of just focusing entirely on one keyword phrase within your articles are gone. Google is getting a lot smarter and is analyzing all your content and wants to find lots of related terms. is a free tool that shows you related terms (taken from Google Suggest) to the keywords you enter.  This gives you lots of ideas for related terms/content you can include in your blog posts.

For you to get traffic to your blog productivity, you must follow the aforementioned. This will help to drive more traffic to your blog.

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