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2 Mobile Marketing Ideas to Get People In The Door

12 Apr
mobile marketing ideas

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People are bombarded with over 5,000 marketing messages each day. This is a lot of “noise” that your business has to compete with. One way to help you achieve cut through is to take advantage of mobile technologies and incorporate them into your day to day marketing strategies.

Nigeria has one of the highest uptakes of smartphone usage in the world. Every pre-teen, teen and teenager has a cell phone. So do their parents and every business professional, contractor and potential customer you are likely to come into contact with.

So how do you become an effective presence in the mobile phone online space?

Mobile website

Mobile vebsites

The number of businesses who still do not have mobile-friendly websites is staggering. Of all of the suggestions listed here, this may seem like the most obvious, but it is also the most important. People are time-poor and technology rich. They will use their smartphones to check up on every business or service they come across for the first time. So there is need to have a website that is mobile friendly to be able to capture prospective customers and subscribers

Target your audience via their social platforms.

google maps Foursquare app

Social apps like Foursquare encourage customers to “check-in” when they visit your restaurant, hotel, bar or café and see what activity their friends are up to in the same area. It is also a type of game, allowing users to collect or ‘unlock’ badges. This opens the opportunity for businesses to tie rewards, such as a free drink or discounted tickets, to badges and create incentives for first-time visits, return visits and promoting your products and services to others. The opportunities are endless.

Instagram is another important app for hotels when mixing offline and online events. Tie in with location or event based hashtags, such as your city, nearby tourist attractions or major sporting events. Also use images to foster your business’ corporate identity and personal “brand” – for instance, if you run an upbeat café, include plenty of informal images and keep adding to them regularly.

Twitter is still highly relevant and can tie in nicely with your Instagram account or YouTube channel (if you have one). This is not the place for advertising, however: you are entering into a conversation with followers. Give them regular and useful content.

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